A Commitment to Growing the Best Wheat – Jim Smith and Cedar Valley Farms

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Feb 11

Jim Smith still has a check his grandfather received almost a century ago from George G. Robinson.

It’s a check that serves as a reminder of his family’s relationship with the Robinsons and Lehi Roller Mills, a relationship that continues close to a hundred years later.

When Robinson wrote that check for $654.15 on September 10, 1915 to Earl Smith to purchase wheat, it was just the beginning of a relationship that has helped Lehi Roller Mills honor its commitment to produce the best flour.

Lehi Roller Mills continues to purchase wheat from that same farm, passed from Earl Smith to his son Grant and now owned by his grandson Jim. That relationship ensures Lehi Roller Mills continues to focus on the same philosophy Robinson set when he purchased the mill in 1910, “Only the best wheat makes the best flour.”

The Smith’s farm in Lehi, Utah, now called Cedar Valley Farms, and Jim Smith are one key to bringing customers the best flour and the high-quality baking mixes Lehi Roller Mills offers today.

“If you’ve tried some of our mixes, chances are you have had some of Jim Smith’s wheat,” said Sherman Robinson, George G. Robinson’s grandson.

“With all the changes in the world since 1915, we’re grateful for the relationship that’s remained with Jim and his farm.”

It’s a relationship that involves more than just buying wheat.

Together, Lehi Roller Mills and Jim Smith have worked for years to create the best wheat so customers can have the best flour.

In 1990, when the baking quality of flour produced from Utah-grown wheat began to diminish with the higher yielding wheat farmers were planting, Jim and Sherman went to work to solve the problem.

In just two years, Jim Smith began to plant test plots of several new wheat varieties and on July 19, 1994, the first mix-o-graph test results at the mill revealed Jim had grown a wheat that would satisfy bakers and mills like Lehi Roller Mills while still yielding enough wheat for the farmers.

Since, Jim Smith has continued to work with Lehi Roller Mills to bring the best wheat to the mill. Cedar Valley Farms has been integral in identifying other varieties of wheat that offer better flavor profiles and increased baking quality leading to better products produced at Lehi Roller Mills.

“We’ve always tried to work very closely and change our varieties to meet the market we have in Lehi Roller Mills,” said Jim Smith. “It a relationship that’s been about business but also about the relationships we have with them.”

Lehi Roller Mills secret to producing the best flour and baking mixes has always been selecting the best wheat from farms like Cedar Valley Farms.

“Fits like a glove, our wheat and the flour they produce works,” said Jim Smith.