Fundraising Program:

No matter the occasion or season, our mixes make perfect fundraising items. Baking is always in season!
The best baking mixes the U.S.A. has to offer

Like our irresistible raspberry muffin mix.  Made from hand-selected wheat and only the finest ingredients, it is truly unique.  Try it with our optional cinnamon crumb topping.  You just might rethink sleeping in when you smell the sweet aroma of these raspberry muffins coming from the kitchen.

All of our baking mixes are made with flour that’s been milled right here at Lehi Roller Mills.  Flour will make or break any recipe and is why we take such care in sourcing only the best wheat for our flour.  In addition, each of our mixes are formulated to be easy to make.  For example, most require simply adding liquid ingredients like water and oil.  Simply combine the mix with the specified ingredients, put it in the oven, and you’re done!  Also, the 2 lb mixes (as well as the cornbread and scone mixes) come beautifully packaged in cotton print bags.  These make great gift items at any time of the year and demand a premium price helping you raise as much as possible for your fundraising needs.

Need more reasons to get started with our fundraiser?  Simply click on the button below for five more reasons you should choose Lehi Roller Mills for your fundraising needs, or simply keep scrolling down to get signed up today!

How It Works

Lehi Roller Mills fundraisers run year round. We sell our products to you at a discounted price. You in-turn resell our products to help raise funds for your cause. We recommend selling them at a 100% profit margin. Our bag items are packaged in cotton print bags according to the season. Holiday bags start around October.

To request more information for your next fundraiser, please email Lucinda Anderson, our Fundraising Manager, at with the following information:

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``Centennial dancers have been using Lehi Roller Mills for fundraising for at least 10 years and probably closer to 15 years. Our girls really love this fundraiser and we've done really well with it through the years.``
Trisha Ringger
Centennial Dance Group
Contact Information:
Lucinda Anderson
Fundraising Manager