Kneaders Proudly Baking with Lehi Roller Mills Flour

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Mar 12

She knew she shouldn’t have been surprised, but she still was.

When Colleen Worthington, who co-founded the award-winning Kneaders Bakery and Cafe with her husband Gary, used Lehi Roller Mills All-Purpose Peacock Brand Flour for the first time to make scratch-made biscuits, she couldn’t believe the difference it made.

“The biscuits rose higher, they turned out flakier and everything about them was better,” Colleen said. “You cannot believe the difference. I knew it would be better, but I didn’t know how much of a difference it would make.”

The Worthington’s European-inspired bakery, with 27 comforting locations in four states and three additional restaurants opening in 2014, now uses the Peacock Brand Flour to make it’s flaky biscuits. It’s one of four brands of Lehi Roller Mills flour Kneaders’ bakers use everyday to create the famous freshly baked breads, sandwiches and pastries so popular throughout the Intermountain West.

Long before Colleen discovered the difference the Peacock Brand Flour could make for her biscuits and even when Kneaders was just a concept for Colleen and Gary, they sought the help of Sherman Robinson at Lehi Roller Mills to get the perfect flour for their fresh baked breads.

“Before we opened, I attended the San Francisco Baking Institute,” Gary said, “and this (Lehi Roller Mills) flour was making better bread than anything else. This flour far exceeds anything the Europeans have. They were impressed at the baking institute because they could tell the difference in quality.”

Lehi Roller Mills began supplying Kneaders with a specialty, proprietary blend of hearth baking flour when the bakery opened in 1997 and continues to supply more than a million pounds of flour a year. Kneaders uses a variety of Lehi Roller Mills flour in its specialty breads and pastries including Turkey Red Flour, Peacock Brand Flour, Whole Wheat Flour and Type 55 Flour, the proprietary blend developed specifically for Kneaders.

“Kneaders is a good example of what people want,” Robinson said. “People want quality, great-tasting food. And Kneaders gives them that by using the best ingredients.”

It’s that attention to the ingredients that helps Kneaders stand out in the competitive fast-casual dining segment. From its flour to every single ingredient used by Kneaders, there are two keys to getting the best ingredients, “Taste and quality,” Colleen said.

That dedication to providing customers the best-tasting, highest quality food has lead Kneaders to Switzerland to find its chocolate, to Turkey for its hazelnuts and other parts of Europe for most of the ingredients in the breads, sandwiches and pastries thousands enjoy each day.

Kneaders opened its flagship store in Orem, Utah more than 16 years ago, initially selling freshly baked European breads and pastries before adding sandwiches, soups and salads to its menu to satisfy constant customer requests.

Kneaders makes 10 to 15 different types of fresh baked bread on-site at each location for its sandwiches, offers 30 to 40 different fresh pastries while featuring slow-roasted, hand-pulled turkey and other fresh sandwich selections, soups, salads and a wide variety of breakfast options, all made fresh daily.

“We go for quality and the best taste in everything we look for,” said Colleen.

And if you visit any of the Kneaders locations, you’ll know that is the truth with every bite you take.

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