Dinner Rolls

Few things call families to the dinner table like the smell of rolls baking —a dinner bell you smell instead of hear. Rolls are a comfort food if there ever was one. Treat them as a delicacy, slowly savoring their taste and texture. For real indulgence, soften real butter in the microwave to spread over your warm rolls. Worries about calories can take a backseat– resolutions don’t start until the New Year.
To ensure your rolls remain warm throughout the meal, place a small, clay heating stone into the oven a few minutes before they’re done. When you pull out the rolls, put the stone in the bottom of your serving basket or bowl. Cover everything in a cloth napkin to keep the heat in. Think of dinner rolls as a canvas for experiencing different types of jams. Serve warm, heated rolls with three or four varieties of jams in small dishes (or, if your family is like most, three large bowls). The subtle flavor of the butter and rolls contrasts perfectly with the sweet, flavorful jams. For extra chills, serve the jams straight out of the refrigerator.

Whether spreading thick with jam, or dipping in a warm bowl of soup, rolls are sure to hit the spot. As rare as it is, you might have a few rolls left over. Seal them in a plastic bag overnight. The next day, pile on some turkey and all the fixings from the night before and you have a great sandwich.

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White Bread Dinner Rolls

By: Barbara Robinson

DIRECTIONS In medium bowl, str active dry yeast into warm water.  Let activate for 5 minutes.  Attach dough hook to mixer.  In mixer bowl, combine flour, sugar, butter, salt, and eggs.  Mix on low speed for 5 minutes, or until thoroughly blended.  Pour water/ yeast mixture into dry ingredients in mixer.  Continue to mix on low speed with dough hook for another 10-15 minutes, or until dough is smooth and elastic & gluten is developed.  Place dough in greased bowl, turn dough over to coat with oil, cover bowl with plastic.  Let rise until double, approximately 30-45 minutes.  Divide dough into four equal portions.  On floured surface roll each portion into a large circle 3/8" thick.  Cut circle into 16 pie-shaped wedges.  Roll up each wedge toward its point.  Place on greased cookie sheets, point tucked underneath.  Bake in preheated 340 deg fahrenheit oven for 15-20 minutes, or until golden brown on top and light brown on bottom.  Serve warm with butter and jam.  Makes 64 rolls.
INGREDIENTS -  1,170g Turkey Brand Unbleached Flour (8 c) -  250g Sugar (1 and 1/4 c) -  56.6g Butter, margarine, or oil (1/4 c) -  50g Salt (2 and 1/3 T) -  3 Eggs -  80g active dry yeast (5T)

Note:  This recipe may be made with 100% whole wheat flour, 100% white flour, or you may add oatmeal or other whole grains as a portion (no more than 1/3) of the flour weight.